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Information is the engine that runs today's equipment dealership. Knowing your customers' equipment better than they do, combined with analytics tools, can help you to drive peak performance across your organization. With Infor Equipment, you can achieve continuous customer care while delivering more strategic value to your stakeholders.

Dealing with equipment profitability

Imagine if you could track each unit that you sell over its entire life cycle and know how profitable it is at each stage. What if you could have greater control over scheduling, maintenance requirements, spare parts, and delivery? Or if you could equip your service engineers with mobility solutions that allowed them to be more productive in the field?

From large global equipment operations to smaller, mid-market dealerships, Infor Equipment gives you the visibility you need to manage your business from the driver's seat. Our solution links your geographically dispersed operations with a single, scalable business system. We can help improve your long- and short-term planning for parts, inventory, and maintenance based on current branch stock levels and data on new equipment sales, forecasted sales, service, or repair schedules. 

With detailed, real-time data you can trust, you'll have a strong foundation for growth, margin enhancement, and innovation.

Equipment evolution for Dealers with Garry Bartecki, CFO of AED


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Driving strong profitability throughout the equipment lifecycle.

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Infor Equipment for Dealers

Infor Equipment is a flexible suite of solutions built from our 25 years of experience solving the tough business challenges faced by companies that provide equipment.

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