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BioMarin leveraged EPAK to develop 175 scripts that mirrored BioMarin's business workflows. "We have 300 EAM users and 900 callers for general service requests. We're working to overcome our infrequent user challenge. Because our workflows are complex, we need to provide better guidance for them. EPAK is a powerful tool that helps us standardize training requirements for new and infrequent users."

Jim Kroyer, Principal Engineer, Equipment Reliability, BioMarin

"Even though we have a very stable workforce, knowledge retention is an important issue. That's why EPAK is such a valuable tool. It is helping us consolidate all of our documentation in one, easy-to-access location. Our staff knows right where to go when they need to find the correct process to get the job done. If knowledge does walk out the door, we will be covered."

"Before EPAK, all of our documentation was scattered around the company, making it time consuming for our staff to find the proper process to get the job done. Now all that knowledge is being consolidated and retained in one, easy-to-access location. Not only will training be more efficient, our knowledge retention will be safeguarded. If knowledge does walk out the door, we will be covered."

Carol Zerger, IT Manager, Bradbury Company

"We are all stunned by the great results attained with EPAK. Its flexibility allows our people to learn at their own pace and in their own way. What is most striking about EPAK is the speed at which our seasoned users adapted to this new training tool and learned a new system."

Jessica Nagy, Manager, Business Applications, C&D Technologies, Inc.

"Training becomes a major issue when you're running a 24-hour shop like ours. It's not always cost efficient to take our mechanics and floor staff off the line when training is necessary. The EPAK tool accommodates the time-demands of training all shifts and provides them with access to regular EAM refinements and updates. Because all our EAM documentation has gone into EPAK, all our EAM users know where they can quickly access up-to-date processes and documentation when it is needed most."

Wai Liu, Manager, Client Solutions, Technology Application Services, TransLink

EPAK was a huge benefit to us because we were able to record our procedures with our information and give them to the users.
EPAK is great because you have the See It, Try It, and Do It and the users really like that because it is hands-on learning.
We continue to use EPAK to make sure our procedures are always up to date.

Doreen Chandler, Data Manager, Custom Plastic Specialties

We have approximately 5,000 employees mostly production people, not computer experts in 10 countries on 4 continents. Maintaining a standardized process is key to our success, so when I saw how EPAK worked it, was an "Aha" moment for me. I instantly realized that I could leverage the knowledge of a few business analysts to provide the necessary one-on-one training to many employees and in their local language while still adhering to a unified common process."

"Over the years, we have spent an inordinate amount of time creating documentation for training purposes. EPAK enabled us to reduce our time to create these documents by at least 75%. The value of Infor's delivery system is a real game-changer."

Bryn Kahrl, Manager of Information Technology, Eagle Ottawa

"We used EPAK to create training materials for our Infor ERP Baan IV implementation in China. We were able to set up processes, create the training materials with Chinese translations, then train and go live using EPAK. Feedback from the users was that training done with EPAK was much better and faster. With EPAK, training takes a fraction of the time to prepare"

Doug Drenth, IT Manager, Flexfab

"With 400 ERP A+ application users at 24 locations spread across the US and Canada, we find that on-site training is simply not practical or cost effective these days. We've turned to EPAK for its online training program. The application enables us to develop multiple training programs for use company-wide, with all the necessary user guides and documentation, produced simultaneously. The single recording that produces multiple outputs saves our trainers a huge amount of time, not to mention the savings in production costs."

Carla Pickard, Dir Commercial Systems, PaperlinX Canada 

The challenge is making sure people know how to do their jobs and use the system correctly. EPAK allows people to train themselves. Users get to see the software, they get to try it, and they are tested on it so you always know where you are.

For upgrades, all I have to do is deploy the new content and request people go out and self-help themselves to find out what's new. EPAK makes life a lot easier - absolutely

Chad Jellison, Director of IT, SpectraSensors

"We have made a smooth and successful transition to the new software. Training vessel personnel quickly and thoroughly has been absolutely key and we have derived substantial benefits from EPAK, which records Technip's precise configuration of EAM, and allows users to follow the recorded processes online at any time in any location."

"Fully training 450 users across the fleet is not an easy undertaking, but using EPAK, the process has been very smooth".

David Watt, Project Manager, Technip UK Ltd 

"We find that EPAK is a very useful interactive training tool. We were able to customize the outputs to suit our business. The "See-it, Try-it, and Know-it" simulations make the learning process engaging and fun. By using EPAK, users find resolutions to questions on their own, which improves their efficiency and allows me to focus on more productive initiatives."

Bill Sherwood, Maintenance Analyst and Project Manager, Xanterra Parks & Resorts

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