Embracing Change in Wholesale Distribution

Putting the change agent to work

Who (or what) is your change agent?

There’s no denying that technology is changing how distributors conduct business.

While ERP has long aided distributors in their quest for profits, today’s evolving business environment calls for solutions that are more collaborative, more predictive, and more agile.  This new technology not only requires different skillsets from employees, but also is a key differentiator when attracting talent.

In the recently released Aberdeen report, Embracing Change in Wholesale and Distribution: Who (or What) Is Your Change Agent, distributors are urged to:

  • Identify new or existing employees who can be catalysts for change
  • Provide employees with simple, usable, modern technology
  • Give change agents the tools and support to drive continuous improvement
  • Implement emerging, innovative technology

Either you’re the change agent or you should be supporting one. Where do you stand?

Read the Aberdeen report to find out.
Read the Aberdeen report.

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