Infor Fashion for embellishment businesses

What are your key factors for success?


Beauty is in the detail

Does your fashion company:

  • Embellish products as a final phase of production?
  • Source basic products and embellish them?
  • Make products under license and own the branding rights?

If your company falls within any of those categories—and even if it doesn’t—you may be struggling with embellishment issues such as:

  • Holding inventory in stock because you don’t know how to source it in time
  • Difficulty with your supply chain
  • Non-tallying costing and bidding

With our Infor Fashion suite, you can improve quality and accuracy in customer service so that you really know and understand your customers’ needs. You’ll be better able to utilize constraints with embroidery, screen prints, and jewel settings so you know when machines and components are ready for replacement, which will help you plan your production concisely.

Plus, you’ll be able to improve cash management and control, and to predict future inventory demand by looking at your history.

With the Infor Fashion suite, you’ll get the tools you need to:

  • Configure orders and products
  • Handle multiple order sizes and customer requirements
  • Guide order-taking and plan production while anticipating and working through production bottle necks
  • Better predict your upcoming needs for blank products
  • Work directly with your suppliers to get the fastest possible replenishment of blank products

Whether you need bulk production or individualized customer personalization, take advantage of built-in order and product configurators that take your customer service team through the process of asking questions about issues such as color and placement. Or get even more functional definition of a product requirement during order entry—and throughout the embellishment process—with a graphical product configuration management tool.

No matter which Infor configuration tool you use, you’ll be able to meet the conditional requirements to replicate a licensed logo or brand. With Infor M3 product configurators, you’ll also be better able to calculate product costs that result from hidden costs such as non-standard placement of logo X and logo Y. 

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