The impact of disparate technology platforms on successful business integrations


Introducing our new whitepaper “Technology platforms for business integration”

Successful businesses constantly seek growth, and they follow many different paths to growth over time. In recent years, many companies have chosen to grow through acquisition due to market conditions, industry pressure, or simply because suitable opportunities arose.

While the intent of an acquisition is likely to enable company growth, this cannot be easily achieved without successfully combining the operational and financial platforms of the two companies. Unfortunately, in many cases, both companies have disparate and sometimes outdated software products, which impedes the seamless integration of both platforms. That's why it's essential for companies to consider the readiness of their own IT infrastructure as they consider the possibility of acquiring or being acquired by another company.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • The unknown challenges of system integration � and how to overcome them
  • How post-modern ERP systems offer a new approach to boost overall business agility
  • Why the ability to easily integrate systems is no longer just important to the CIO

With a responsive, fully-integrated IT platform, leaders of merged businesses gain the ability to apply consistent financial governance across the enterprise. It also gives key stakeholders consistent information that can help accelerate the close process and deliver reliable information for reporting or decision-making. The time is now to ensure you�ve set the stage for a seamless and successful acquisition process.

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