The Keys to Performance

Using Key Performance Indicators and To-Do Lists for Continuous Improvements

Use Key Performance Indicators and To-Do Lists for Continuous Improvements

Enterprises that employ recognized best practices determine their business strength, progress, and success in a much more organized manner: by establishing a concrete set of key performance indicators for their enterprise and by using critical to-do lists to help streamline business processes.

This paper outlines how key performance indicators and to-do lists provide the opportunity for a company to more fully utilize information already available within the organization to promote greater efficiency, stronger performance, and continuous improvement - all directed toward accomplishing company-wide business objectives for stronger asset performance.

Learn how enterprising companies have used KPIs and to-do lists to:

  • Determine the expiration for equipment warranties providing repair savings and increased equipment reliability
  • Gauge timely service execution of response times for service calls
  • Efficiently manage individuals assigned tasks
  • Create subordinate KPIs to feed top-tier KPIs

Read the Keys to Performance white paper and take the appropriate steps to accomplish stronger asset performance.

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