Infor10 EAM for Facilities

Optimize facilities and asset performance at the least energy cost

Are you responsible for ensuring that your facilities are optimized?

If so, you need an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that can help you understand and effectively manage all facilities costs. You need a tool that can:

  • address the key role that energy management and environmental stewardship play in facilities management
  • measure building conditions and performance and help determine capital renewal costs
  • ensure on-going service levels of facilities operations  and maintenance
  • provide analytical capabilities to explain consequences of major facilities budget decisions
Infor EAM enables development of a comprehensive facilities management strategy and delivers capabilities for achieving energy conservation and environmental stewardship.

With budgets tightening, energy costs rising, and environmental consciousness growing, facilities managers must adopt new strategies for meeting their core business objectives.

If you are a facility manager and you need to:
  • maintain and extend the life of your assets.
  • lower costs by reducing your energy consumption.
  • meet LEED standards by better measuring and reporting on the energy and environmental performance of your facilities and assets,

you should read this white paper.

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