Outlook for oil and gas supply and demand in a global energy context

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The health of both the global economy and the global ecosystem are in the hands of the energy industry, which must somehow:

  • Remain cost-effective for consumers while producing a decent return.
  • Help support global energy security without undermining global trade—or the economies of nations critical to the world’s energy supply stability.
  • Optimize environmental stewardship to balance energy affordability with environmental impacts.

Oil & gas companies begin their ascent to world-class status by understanding not only how energy supply and demand got to where it is today, but by identifying and monitoring the factors that indicate what lies ahead.

Read "Outlook for oil and gas supply and demand in a global energy context" for an overview of historic energy use patterns, uncertainty around the developing nations’ middle class, and the changing global energy mix—all of which impact the development of a realistic, measured energy strategy.

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