5 best practices that will fix your maintenance program

New Perspective Paper: Predict why and when an asset will fail

Most companies have maintenance programs in place to prevent equipment failures. However, many of these programs still focus on tactical procedures to track and fix assets—they don’t provide much analysis into why assets fail or predict when they will. With today’s focus on reducing operational expenses across the enterprise, it’s time to assess your current procedures; determine what kind of asset management system you have in place; and, depending on what you find, move to a more strategic process that incorporates predictive practices.

Asset-intensive industries are under increasing pressure to better manage escalating asset lifecycle costs, while increasing production quantity and improving quality through greater asset reliability and performance. Another key driver is the growing demand by regulatory bodies seeking tighter controls, greater accountability, and more detailed data capture and reporting.

In this new white paper, find out:

  • The stages of your firm’s asset management maturity
  • How to manage your asset ecosystem
  • The five best practices to achieve a strategic predictive maintenance program

With this information, you can plan preventative maintenance schedules as well as a maintenance program that will align with your company’s strategic goals. 

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