The connected transaction

Infor e-Commerce Fashion for Omni channel retailers


Connect shopping with buying

Built on the new Rhythm platform Infor e-Commerce Fashion moves to the beat of a modern mobile lifestyle. It helps you build state-of-the-art sales channels that connect you to your customers in more ways.

  • Web storefronts
  • Online retail stores
  • Retail outlets
  • Mobile devices
  • TV shopping channels
  • Shopping kiosks
  • Catalogues
  • Gaming consoles
  • Group aggregators

Connect with Rhythm

With Rhythm's dynamic customer insight capability, Infor e-Commerce Fashion delivers tailored content that drives deeper engagement and boosts conversion rates.

Connect real time data with inventory

Built on Infor's ION open technology, Infor e-Commerce is available through the cloud or on-premise. It integrates with your ERP solution to push and pull real time data from a single database. It is available on-premise or through a managed cloud service.

Your commerce transactions are combined with warehousing, forecasting, shipping, logistics, returns and pipeline data to provide up to the minute inventory accuracy. 

By knowing exactly what you have - and where you have it, the solution can dramatically improve your:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Demand planning
  • Stock replenishment
  • Price competitiveness

And by having tighter control of your stock, you reduce markdowns, maintain your margins and increase your profit.

Connect people to products

As a fully integrated, end-to-end solution, Infor e-Commerce Fashion adds sales data to your CRM information such as browsing and social behavior.

This unique level of customer insight creates new opportunities for product development and accurate targeting.

You'll be able to:

  • Develop ranges based on feedback
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Advertise with precision
  • Tailor rewards programs
  • Create effective promotions
  • Tailor content by user

Connect form with function

Utilising Rhythm's design agency, Infor e-Commerce adds stunning looks to deep engagement. And because it's native to mobile it adapts perfectly to whatever device your customers prefer.

See how you can connect with more customers in more meaningful ways.

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