Door Manufacturers

Make it easy for your dealers
Infor PCM makes it easy for dealers to quote their own product add-ons and services so they can present a single integrated quote to the customer. You'll become the easiest brand for them to sell. As a result, your selling network will help you reach more customers and deliver the exact configuration of door species, finish, and hardware that meets a customer's requirements.

Automate manufacturing instructions
Infor PCM dynamically creates bills of materials and manufacturing instructions, and can integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to store these instructions with production orders. You can also have the system generate 2D drawings and 3D models of products and assemblies to clearly show the shop floor what to build. These dynamic instructions and drawings can eliminate a substantial number of errors that can creep into even a well-run manufacturing process.

Innovate faster
Customers think more highly of a door and window manufacturer when they can see fresh innovative features that clearly meet their needs better than the competitors' offerings. Infor PCM makes it possible to attain the same level of delivery accuracy for your make-to-order doors and windows that customers expect from off-the-shelf products.

DeCarlo Infissi S.p.A.

Customer Video.
De Carlo Infissi S.p.A, Italy's premier wooden door and window manufacturer, uses Infor Product Configurator to increase process efficiencies and streamline quote management. De Carlo reduced product configuration errors and costs, and provided the sales network with instant access to 2D product information from anywhere. Watch video.

Quaker Doors & Windows


Case Study Quaker Windows & Doors has reduced the time to produce quotes and bid documents from one day or longer to minutes and significantly improved bid document quality. Quaker has reduced the load on their customer service, with 40% of Quaker quoting now completed by dealers on a self-service basis.

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