Door Distributors

Increase your margin
Door and millwork distributors face tight margins with increasingly complicated inventories, seasonal products, and the fluctuating demands of building contractors. In addition, the door distribution environment continues to change, moving from distributing a set of basic, pre-configured options to a dynamic network of supply and custom delivery—with you as the intermediary. Increasing margins remains the constant metric of distributors trying to keep their doors open for business.

Become selling experts
To increase margin you must reduce costs, but more importantly you must sell more efficiently – driving a consistency of sales orders which are precisely accurate to the customer needs. Where every order is influenced with high customer engagement to keep those customers preferring your brand of door instead of the industry's huge showroom of competing options.  You become nimble, as sales promotions are pushed to your selling network in real time. Pricing and discounts are dynamically calculated.  Training an agent to distribute your product line like an expert, takes minutes instead of months.  This is the Infor CPQ selling experience.

Are you diversifying?
To increase margin, many distributors in the door industry are diversifying their business model to include a percentage of light manufacturing.  Infor CPQ will easily operate across and integrate neatly with your specialized distribution and manufacturing ERP environments using one consistent enterprise application.  Your mobile selling environment remains the same across your selling network as you diversify, easing the transition and minimizing the impact on critical distribution channels.  Read more on the topic in this IDC Technology Spotlight.

Huttig Building Products


Customer Video. Huttig Building Products is one of the largest wholesale distributors of millwork and specialty building products with 27 locations in the United States. Huttig increased customer loyalty and differentiated their brand by allowing their distribution network self-serve access to easily configure doors, pull specific pricing, create quotes and complete orders. As a result, Huttig reduced costs, recognizing a reduction of more than 80,000 phone calls to their inside sales team. Watch Video.

IDC Technology Spotlight


Research Report Opportunities for the Modern Wholesale Distributor to Leverage Technology and Leapfrog the Competition: IDC Manufacturing Insights and IDC Retail Insights identify four areas of technology that will help distributors to drive tangible business performance improvement.

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Infor Distribution for BMAT


Brochure Building materials (BMAT) distributors face tight margins with increasingly complicated inventories, seasonal products, and the fluctuating demands of building contractors. This brochure details how to meet these challenges and accelerate your business with Infor Distribution solutions.

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