The true impact of downtime on your business

What’s your business continuity plan?

Thinking through the unthinkable: Disaster recovery for wholesale distributors

In today's fast, global economy, if your company is offline for just a few hours, whether it’s due to a natural disaster, power outage or an interruption in service, it can have a devastating impact on your margins and your ability to serve your customers. 

According to one recent survey, there is a major variance in levels of disaster preparedness among business owners. While one-third of owners said their companies could recover from a natural disaster within one week, some 16% said they would need two weeks, and 14% said they would need more than one month. An alarming 37% were not sure.  Which category would your business fall into?

There are several common reasons why companies struggle to recover quickly from system outages, including:

  • Lack of a complete business continuity plan
  • Disaster Recovery plan has not been implemented
  • Person responsible for the plan is unavailable

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