BSW White paper: Blurring the Lines between Manufacturing and Distribution

Explore the benefits of a hybrid business model

Five Ways On-shoring Can Boost Your Distribution Business

After years of watching manufacturing jobs go overseas, there is a growing movement to “on-shore.”  According to Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group (BSW) there are many reasons why distributors should explore ways to capitalize on this activity by evolving into a hybrid business model and offering additional services that have typically resided in the manufacturing realm.

Distributors may be best suited to step in and offer these value added services which would further differentiate them from some of the largest players—including the Amazons® and Graingers® of the world.  And with a relatively small investment, distributors could reap a very large return.

Read the BSW white paper, Blurring the Lines Between Manufacturing and Distribution: Exploring the Hybrid Business Model, to take a closer look into how these opportunities can make distributors more valuable in the supply chain, including:

  • Becoming a critical partner to the manufacturer
  • Increasing customer service
  • Building supplier loyalty
  • Supporting rapid decision making
  • Real-time visibility into business processes
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