10 ways advanced inventory management can help you build your business

The business objectives behind advanced inventory management (AIM) have always been deceptively clear: A distributor can build a beloved, profitable brand by knowing what, how many, and when to ship. Even so, it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to make your AIM strategies succeed.

That's why we recently caught up with distribution industry guru Grant Howard for his top 10 tips on advanced inventory management:

  1. Provide stellar customer experience, while balancing costs
  2. Keep an eye on your parameters
  3. Track the lifecycle of every product
  4. Guide decision-making with the right tools
  5. Track your progress against your targets
  6. Remember, your minutes matter
  7. Remember, your turns matter, too
  8. If it doesn’t move, move it out
  9. Benchmark your results
  10. Make it all about the customer


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