3 Must-Have Elements
of a Modern ERP

Executive Brief: Designing a New ERP

Outdated ERP software doesn’t only reduce the efficiency of your business—it prevents you from dealing with the competitive pressures you face now. Your ERP system needs to play a new role in your business, so that you can adjust to a new business environment that includes:

  • Flexibility: You need a solution that combines best-of-breed software and is integrated in an agile network for maximum adaptability.
  • A solution that talks SMAC: An ERP that talks SMAC is a good thing when SMAC stands for Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.
  • Support for innovation:  Your solution must include platforms for collaboration and streamlined workflows, so you can easily make engineering changes, inventory adjustments and accelerated deliveries.

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A surprising proportion of ERP implementations in operation today were purchased by managers with worries about the Y2K bug in the late 1990s. This paper discusses how the rapid rate of change in technology, business and culture requires forward-looking ERP solutions that don’t shackle your business to the past, but prepare you for the future.

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