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Infor EAM Fleet is designed to focus on the transportation industry's greatest opportunities for productivity and cost-per-mile savings. You can maximize your vehicle lifecycle through preventive & predictive maintenance of assets, tire & fuel management as well as warranties claims tracking.

Solution for Managing Fleets

Truck, bus, utility, construction, heavy equipment, and rail fleets each have different needs. However, to get the most productivity and efficiency out of any fleet, companies must manage assets-from tires to fuel-throughout the vehicle's lifecycle.

  • track repair work on equipment
  • manage fleet asset warranties
  • access real-time reports including cost per mile and fuel and oil consumption

Key areas of Infor EAM Fleet

  • Commercial Services: Track all supplier agreement histories, including repair standards, agreed-to pricing, and discount structures. Automatically flag and track outsourced warranty repairs as well as sales and service work performed on third-party vehicles.
  • Complete Parts Inventory Management: Track inventory and transfer parts across any number of repair locations. Users can check out, return, adjust, and move inventory items so that less money is tied up in unused assets and necessary parts are readily available.
  • Fleet Performance Reporting: Use real-time, on-screen performance reports and industry standard reports, such as cost per mile and fuel and oil consumption. Other available reports include standard Department of Transportation and highway safety reports and reports that track total cost by vehicle, driver, location, and type.
  • Fuel Management: Handle on-site fuel inventory and capture data for on-the-road purchases and use of alternative fuels.
  • Inspection Management: Track the Department of Transportation's roadside, annual federal, and daily driver inspections. Create inspection routes, enter specific measurement points and the aspects to be measured, and record results.
  • Motor-Pool Scheduling: Book, track, report, and return vehicles in the motor pool online and in real-time. Project the availability of vehicles by type, location, and use in a specified date range with online availability reporting.
  • Multi-Organizational: Build separate operational organizations with different data, processes, and people specific to each operational area-such as bus, rail, or facilities-while maintaining all data in a single master database for roll up and corporate decision-making.
  • Paperless & Portable Repair Shop: Download work assignments in the field, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and automating virtually every aspect of maintenance and data collection.
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PM): Automatically schedule PM based on processes defined for equipment classes or individual vehicles. Use regression analysis of repair history to predict component failure and to schedule the next PM cycle by vehicle application, helping reduce downtime.
  • Recall and Campaign Management: Track campaigns and recall work. For example, if a recall notice for brakes on trucks with a specific serial group number is released, companies may search for the applicable trucks in their fleet and then create a standard recall work order.
  • Task Planning and Scheduling: Schedule tasks by priority and separate them by critical work orders and scheduled preventive maintenance repairs. Manage and track employee work schedules, vacations, and holidays and include this information in task planning and scheduling.
  • Tire Management: Capture data for each tire-such as ID, description, accrued cost, re-treading, and work order history. Track each tire as it moves from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Unlimited Meters: Automatically detect odometer and other meter rollovers and manage physical meter change-out without loss of, or inaccuracy in, history.
  • Vehicle Lifecycle Optimization and Replacement Analysis: Analyze total maintenance costs through depreciated life and reduce operating costs by planning fleet and vehicle replacement lifecycle windows.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS): Track vehicles and work using the American Trucking Association's VMRS standard coding to help ensure accurate and appropriate tracking of vehicles or parts in every fleet.
  • Warranties: Track comprehensive warranty expiration dates by time and meter for any type of vehicle asset. Support countless user-defined subsystems and the warranty expiration date and meter for those subsystems.
  • Yard Checks: Increase productivity and efficiency by collecting data on each vehicle asset using barcode-driven and physical yard checks through Mobile technology.
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