Achieve Operational Excellence by Making Better Decisions

Executive summary.

Complexity—particularly market complexity—will most likely increase over the next three years, according to research reports. To better manage processes and deliver operational improvements, you need to simplify the impact of this complexity.

Improving decision making is one of the most effective ways to streamline processes and improve productivity. Enhanced decision making speeds reaction time and enables personnel to take actions based on relevant, real-time data.

Best-in-class manufacturers indicated in a recent survey that streamlining and accelerating processes to improve efficiency and productivity is a top strategy.

To achieve operational excellence, you need to fundamentally and fully exploit all information sources. That way, you’ll be able to reach the highest possible level of visibility and intelligence along the value chain. Access to data is the first step, but the diagnosis and interpretation of this information—and its application to the decision-making process—is also critical.

In this executive brief we discuss:

  • Barriers to better decision-making
  • What does a real-time decision-making environment look like?
  • New technologies support better decision-making
  • What are the real benefits of these technologies in the role of decision-making?
  • Make better decisions with Infor

Download this paper now and learn how analytics can help you confidently identify areas of underperformance, production or supply-chain bottlenecks, and low-selling product lines. You’ll be able to find out about changes in customer orders, delays in raw material delivery, and revisions to your production completion schedule. That means you can react to situations that affect the services you provide.

You’ll also learn how to make sure this information flows to relevant users.  Discover how to automate and streamline processes from department to department and person to person so you can create a holistic, integrated decision-making environment, where you can make proactive operational decisions at every level of your business.

Your company will become more agile and increase the rate at which you can serve your customers and get products to market—giving you a stronger competitive position.

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