CRM Technology Value Matrix 2014

New research note from Nucleus Research

Customer relationship management (CRM) continues to be one of the most competitive software segments, and also one where customers have the greatest propensity to switch. The past six months have been busy in the CRM space, with vendors announcing partnerships and acquisitions, further integrating their acquisitions made over the past few years, and continuing investments in usability to drive greater adoption (and overall stickiness) of their solutions.

The Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research looks at the advances in usability and functionality by different CRM vendors in the three core pillars of CRM: sales, marketing, and customer service. Get your copy of this complimentary research report to learn about:

  • The trends impacting decision making in the CRM space today
  • How the Internet of Things (IOT) and rise of apps are leveraging new forms of customer data
  • Marketing technologist demands for managing multichannel marketing campaigns
  • CRM vendor placement in the 2014 CRM Technology Value Matrix

Request your copy to discover how Infor CRM moved into the Leaders quadrant of this Matrix for the first time based on its continued investment in user interface design, adding sales and service functionality to Infor's rich existing marketing capabilities, and investments in industry cloud suites with deep vertical functionality.

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