The 5 Principles of Engagement Marketing

We live in a digital world where people are more empowered than ever before with access to information and technology that brings new meaning to the term "self-service". Successful companies need to harness that power and deliver relevant and timely content during each stage of the customer lifecycle: from acquiring new buyers, to growing their lifetime value, and converting them into advocates.

Presenting a unified experience across channels is critical, whether that means engaging on social media, personalizing content and communications, or mobile apps, to name a few.

Download this eBook to learn about the five principles of engagement marketing that will help you develop a strategy to connect with customers and maximize the experience of their journey.

Engagement marketing is about connecting with people:

  • As individuals 
  • Based on what they do
  • Continuously over time
  • Directed towards an outcome
  • Everywhere they are

In this eBook, we define each of those five principles, and show you what an engagement marketing strategy truly looks like.

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