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Exclusive deal for Aprimo customers

Unlike many competitors, Infor is continuously investing in its marketing and customer experience applications. The recent acquisition of Aprimo software has proven to be disruptive in the industry and is causing uncertainty and doubt in any go-forward strategy.

Don’t sit around waiting to find out what is almost certain to disappoint, and explore another option that will deliver the promise of an exceptional Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software tools that you expect.

Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) is scalable, easy-to-use solution used by marketing departments worldwide.

In its latest release, Infor MRM delivers:

  • Campaigns and activities designed for annual planning, setting up recurring marketing efforts, and migrating from existing MRM systems.
  • Campaign names and templates, campaigns owners, key dates, and all metadata fields.
  • Activity names and templates, activity owners, key dates, campaign association, activity and sub-activity association, all metadata fields and instantiate workflows.
  • Customizable template (per each client’s configuration) in Excel format, validation of data uploaded according to configured business rules, and limitation of access to the upload feature to users with the relevant group permission.

Infor is excited to offer you an exclusive deal to migrate all your campaign and activity data at no charge.

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