The plan is there is no plan

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We are living in the era of Consumernomics. Consumers control the economics of the industry as never before. Consumers lead the way; brand owners, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and supply chain partners have to keep up are trying to keep up.

It has been said that change is your friend. While changes underway in the apparel, footwear, luxury, accessories and home textiles industries open up many new opportunities for customer acquisition, sales growth, lower costs and improved margins, they also create some new challenges.

In this 13-page white paper we discuss current keys to success, provide insights into how you plan when there is no plan and provide 12 specific recommendations for fashion executives and their merchandise planners to maximize the opportunities and buffer the risk in an era where consumers control the economics of their industry.

See how Textile Manufacturer Uniqlo now forecasts at the style level. Also check out Forbes interpretation on how brand loyalty is declining and price and quality are the new decision making must haves for consumers.

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