Five Key Factors in Optimizing Complex Manufacturing Businesses

Survey results point to best practices and insights on leveraging ERP technology to boost revenue and improve operational performance

Infor and IBM recently partnered to sponsor an independent survey and study of manufacturing executives.  These executives shared their top priorities for boosting revenue and improving operations. In particular, they provided insight into how current ERP systems are performing in helping businesses meet their goals and what needs to improve, as well as which processes they believe offer the best potential for improvement.

For example, more than one-third indicate that manufacturing operations are increas­ingly complex and almost 90 percent rate the need to address the challenges of complexity at three or above on a five point scale.

The complete results of that survey and recommendations based on the findings are available to you. Download the Executive Brief: “Five Key Factors in Optimizing Complex Manufacturing Businesses” to learn more about the best practices and how your peers responded to questions about their use of ERP systems to drive growth. Also, learn how you can model your own processes after recommendations from experts in manufacturing and technology.

Topics include:

  • Taking advantage of revenue opportunities
  • Tuning up operations & processes 
  • Utilizing ERP across the enterprise 
  • Finding harmony among diverse applications 
  • Coming to grips with complexity 
  • Manufacturing solutions for today

Learn more. Download the Executive Brief on “Five Key Factors in Optimizing Complex Manufacturing Businesses.”

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