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The nature of the products you build means dealing with complex supply chains that comprise the majority of your product costs and managing configurations for many unique, non-interchangeable items. Challenges like these require solutions that are innovative and agile enough to increase efficiency and eliminate cost.

CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense is a suite of industry-proven products, including a core ERP combined with high-value extension applications—all delivered in the cloud. Backed by more than 25 years of industry application and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, this comprehensive cloud-deployed suite specifically addresses the unique needs you face in aerospace & defense. It gives you flexibility and robust functionality with a low, predictable total cost of ownership.

Decrease costs and improve delivery

Miss a delivery date, and you may just miss out on new contracts with the customer, or even face contractual penalties. It’s not enough to manage delivery dates and quantities—you also need to manage quality, which can be tough when dealing with an extended supply chain.

With CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense, you get a consolidated view of all regulation requirements, plus tools for managing manufacturing operations and supply chain activities, so you can reduce your cost of operations, while improving your ability to deliver goods on time to your customers.

Manage unique configurations throughout the product lifecycle

Continuous engineering improvements mean that each item you make is unique, even if its name or part number doesn’t change. What if you could manage each unique configuration from design, plan, and build to maintenance of the products you deliver to your customers?

With CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense, you get tools for unit, date and use-up affectivity, and revision control, as well as the ability to manage bills of materials for design, planning, manufacturing, and service. So, you’ll be able to increase resource utilization and reduce inventory levels—with a single solution.

Comply without spreadsheets

In aerospace & defense, compliance comes with the territory. Every time a new regulation is passed, you need to create a new spreadsheet to collect data and track your product’s adherence.

Eliminate those spreadsheets with CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense. This solution delivers defense contract management capabilities, plus serial and lot traceability for build and product maintenance. You’ll be able to comply with contractual demands and government mandates, while maintaining strict quality control.

Reduce IT costs and increase benefits

Your business is too important to trust to a heavily modified, monolithic system that’s tough to use, tougher to integrate, and outdated. Implementing new technologies doesn’t have to break the bank—or break your systems.

Add sophisticated reporting and decision-making tools, as well as alerts and collaboration tools to make your systems more efficient. With CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense, you can upgrade without disrupting your enterprise, while also lowering your total cost of ownership. And, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from always having the latest technology.



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