Closing the loop on quality control in the aerospace and defense industry

It’s all about end-to-end management of details, details, details

There’s little doubt that the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is one of the most quality-conscious business segments. Few other manufacturing industries have such high levels of regulatory compliance, such rigorous performance standards, and such a need for tight program management. The main reason is obvious: Quality control leads to better safety. When passenger, crew, and pilot safety is at stake, there is no room for imperfection—or doubt.

This executive brief explains how a closed loop quality control initiative helps A&D companies obtain the highest levels of quality control and regulation compliance.

According to recent research, A&D businesses with closed-loop quality control processes report a median 99% rate of products in compliance with the defined quality standards. Read this report to learn more about how you can turn to technology to improve your quality compliance.

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