Are You Synchronized with Your Suppliers?

You have a sophisticated array of suppliers to manage. And you'll have to manage them with even more precision to address continuing, often unexpected, changes in customer demand.

Supply chain complexity will only grow as new markets emerge and existing ones mature, and as new product and demand patterns come into play.

In the face of this complexity, it's increasingly difficult to direct supply. Synchronizing communication with your suppliers is now critical to overall performance and competitiveness.

Stay in Sync: Direct Your Supply Chain

Leading automotive suppliers are now embracing next generation solutions incorporating the essential capabilities of ERP, EDI, and Supply Chain Management in a single, unified platform. The next generation solution enables you to direct your supply chain. You can:

With Infor10 Automotive, you can achieve these outcomes. You'll have an advanced solution unifying ERP, demand management (Infor10 ION Automotive Information Exchange (AutoConnect)), supply chain management (Infor10 Supplier Information Portal (SupplyWEB)), as well as capabilities to streamline integration (ION) and enhance user navigation (Workspace).  

Infor10 Supplier Information Portal (SupplyWEB) is an advanced, web-enabled supplier relationship management solution that facilitates collaboration and execution between automotive/discrete manufacturers and their suppliers. You'll ensure you're communicating effectively with your suppliers -- and that your suppliers are delivering exactly what you need when you need it. 

By staying in sync, you can direct your supply chain.



  Infor10 Supplier Exchange (SupplyWEB) for Automotive

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