Adapt to Flexible Production

Leading automotive suppliers are now embracing next generation solutions incorporating the essential capabilities of ERP, EDI, and Supply Chain Management in a single, unified platform. The next generation solution gives you full control over your production. You'll have the capabilities you
need to:

With Infor10 Automotive, you can achieve these outcomes. Infor10 Automotive addresses the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs,) specialty vehicle manufacturers, companies that manufacture licensed components, aftermarket parts manufacturers, service parts suppliers, and companies that remanufacture used parts for resale.

You'll have an advanced solution unifying ERP, demand management (Infor10 ION Automotive Information Exchange (AutoConnect)), supply chain management (Infor10 Supplier Information Portal (SupplyWEB)), as well as capabilities to streamline integration (ION) and enhance user navigation (Workspace).  

By staying in sync, you'll ensure your production is smartly balanced and flexible.



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