The State of Customer Experience
in Retail

Best practices for positive business outcomes


Introducing our new market brief:
‘The State of Customer Experience in Retail’

Retail is perhaps the industry that will be hit fastest and hardest by the failure of brands to provide customer-centric, consistent omni-channel customer experiences. One of the biggest challenges for retailers is to keep up with and anticipate the changing ways people prefer to shop and interact with brands. This requires not only transformations in technology, but operational and cultural shifts as well. In the retail world, competition is fierce and consumer expectations are high, so retailers that figure out how to cater to customers when and how they want, will be the ultimate winners.

Read this whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Create personalised customer experiences
  • Implement an omni-channel strategy
  • Deploy real-time 24x7 marketing
  • Map and design the customer journey
  • Leverage geolocation data to make offers more compelling
  • Execute a content marketing strategy

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