Permission-based Marketing Campaigns

An integrated CRM solution for planning, executing and monitoring permission-based marketing campaigns accross all touchpoints

Infor Epiphany enables you to plan, execute, and monitor anticipated, personal, and relevant marketing campaigns across all touch points and achieve a rapid return on your investment. Infor Epiphany helps companies reduce campaign cycles allowing them to focus on the highest value campaigns and customers.

Infor Epiphany provides true multi-channel marketing, creates continuous customer dialogues, and ultimately helps gain share of wallet, through cross selling and up sell all while maintaining loyalty and retention.

Infor Epiphany helps companies that seek a better platform for real-time customer decision management, synchronizing sales efforts, and delivering consistent, personalized customer care. Manage your marketing, sales and customer service processes more intelligently, and generate a fast return through:

  • Single customer view - a single, intelligent view of the customer is yours through oneclick access to relevant, multichannel customer information.
    The result: delivery of actionable customer insight to all customer-facing systems.
  • Customer acquisition - acquiring new customers strategically is easy with improved targeting, permission-based marketing, and more effective lead/opportunity management.
    The result: improved customer acquisition rates.
  • Customer retention - best-in-class tools help you analyze customer behavior and turnover and design retention strategies.
    The result: greater customer retention and profitability.
  • Cross-selling/up-selling - our model can be easily adjusted using information garnered from all customer interactions; then a combination of business rules and analytics are applied to deliver the highest-impact offers at the moment of an individual customer interaction, based on how their profile maps to the profiles in the model.
    The result: more effective cross-sell/up-sell programs.
  • Sales effectiveness - increased visibility into sales operations is provided for management; reps get the tools to nurture leads and close business.
    The result: increased account penetration, better win rates, and higher revenue.

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