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The Path to Profitability

Ensuring Finance Systems Fit?

The recent recession has transformed consumer attitudes. Bling, Bollinger, and Bugatti-style spending is no longer in vogue, now giving way to a back-to-basics sentiment as frugality makes a resurgence.

While the majority of consumers hold back on excessive splurges in favour of making more considered choices based on value and longevity, or focusing on doing more with what they already have, business finance departments appear to be following suit.

According to a recent report by Deloitte Consulting, major potential savings still reside in finance and administration processing costs. In many cases, big ERP vendors have designed inflexible systems that force companies to follow processes that don't suit their business creating unnecessary costs rather than facilitating efficiencies.

But such scenarios need not persist. If these issues sound all too familiar and you would like to drive increasing levels of savings in your finance department, learn how from this white paper.

Download the white paper and find out why big is no longer best for finance departments looking to save.