Infor EzRMS Revenue Management for Hotels

Not just for the big hotels and groups

Better data, faster service and a stronger bottom line

As a hotel industry provider, you know how hard it is to boost profits while giving customers a personalised guest experience. You need hotel solutions that provide you with accurate real-time information, when you need it—whether you work at a large global company, smaller chain, or independent hotel. When your primary goal is to improve your bottom line, you need to maximise occupancy and revenue.

But revenue management solutions haven’t necessarily kept up with the changes. In most cases, forecasts are still produced based on market segmentation (or no segmentation at all). Analysis is still often based on summary data and averages—for example, average length of stay and average booking lead time. And performance is still measured by looking at RevPAR. However, you do you have an alternative.

Find the right solution with Infor EzRMS—revenue management software powering profitability.

With Infor EzRMS, you can:

  • Maximize occupancy and protect rates when necessary.
  • Increase revenue by a typical 4% to 7% from year one with little outlay.
  • Create accurate historical, current, and future statistical reports.
  • Provide detailed demand forecasting information.
  • React to market influences with the help of competitor analysis on both the Internet and the global distribution system.
  • Evaluate the impact group reservations have on occupancy and revenue.
  • Assess the impact a tour series contract will have on your property.
  • Get access to reports and real-time information on a group-wide basis.

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