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What are the 5 Competitive Factors in S&OP [Sales and Operations Planning]?

Get the Aberdeen Executive S&OP Benchmark Report now and get ready to implement efficient Sales and Operations Planning.

Traditional sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes are no longer sufficient. S&OP has evolved to become Integrated Business Planning -- a truly cross-functional, multi-dimensional process that includes all elements of demand, supply and financial analysis in relation to business goals and strategy.

In this benchmark report, Aberdeen found that top performing companies using executive S&OP were able to achieve simultaneous cost reductions and top line revenue growth. But while a majority of companies report that S&OP has helped improve forecast accuracy and improved cross-departmental communication, most companies have failed to see improvements in gross margin and customer retention.

How are Best-in-Class able to achieve quantifiable financial benefits through S&OP? Aberdeen identified five key competitive factors in implementing executive S&OP:

  • Measuring and monitoring processes in place
  • Commitment to formal S&OP meeting timing and scheduling
  • Best of breed demand forecasting systems as a technology enabler is installed
  • Opportunities exist to improve the ability to do scenario analysis
  • Cross-functional teams do not seem to have a major impact on performance

In this report, uncover trends in what Best in Class companies are doing with executive S&OP and answer the following questions:

  • What are the strategic actions being taken?
  • What investments have been made in process capabilities?
  • How does one go about implementing S&OP?
  • What are the technology, organization and data related maturity levels of Best in Class companies?
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