Information and people are an auto manufacturer’s two most valuable assets

Quickly connecting them is what drives business results.

With lean manufacturing and the leveling of the global playing field, the only two real differentiators a manufacturer has are the quality of its data and its workforce. Connecting the two is what turbo-charges the most successful companies.

That’s why you need enterprise technology that includes mobility to quickly get accurate, real-time data into the hands of your talented workforce.

Hear how Infor’s broad and continually expanding portfolio of mobile applications gives automotive manufacturers information on the go,
allowing you to:

  • Respond faster to customer questions and new demands.
  • Improve the speed and quality of decision-making.
  • Attract and retain a workforce accustomed to constant information flow.
  • Even build your own custom mobility applications to meet your business’s precise needs.

Infor believes in the power of mobility for automotive manufacturers and everyone involved in your industry.

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