Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence:

A Powerful Combination

Blending BPM and BI:
A recipe for success to plan and control performance

Review the results from a survey conducted by DecisionPath Consulting, in which 200 professionals from a wide range of industries share their experiences with both business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM).

BPM has traditionally been more about planning and measuring performance, whereas BI has been more about measuring, managing and improving performance.

But many companies are now adopting BPM and BI together to drive performance and profits.

The results? Companies with coordinated BPM and BI initiatives are three times more likely to achieve major business performance improvements and have higher success rates in meeting business objectives, compared to organizations with no coordinated efforts. This white paper highlights how:

  • Aligning your BPM with BI can positively impact your overall performance.
  • Some companies are losing money year after year because they cannot automate recurring management processes such as strategic planning, financial modeling, forecasting or budgeting.
  • The largest US distributor of building products reduced its monthly close process from 10.5 days down to 3.5 days.

FIGURE 1: BPM and BI Used in Concert to Drive Business Performance

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