Omninomics—Creating a more connected value chain

Is your value chain ready to meet the challenges of omni-channel retail?

The retailer used to be the end point of the value chain—where the product met the consumer. Today, new channels and online tools have given the consumer the freedom to choose where they make purchases from anywhere along the value chain and using a myriad of new touch points. This presents a host of new opportunities—and challenges—for fashion companies.

In this paper, we explore the concept of Omninomics - how your value chain collaborates to get a product to a consumer in an ever-evolving omni-channel market.

Basically, it all comes down to knowing what your customers want and how to get it to them. Download the white paper to learn how about:

  • How a new breed of consumers is changing the value chain
  • How to create a more collaborative value chain
  • Why the strength of your network matters
  • Recommendations

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