Infor predicts the future of manufacturing

To make the most in this new era of manufacturing, Manufacturers need to be alert to changing conditions and take advantage of all the resources available. Strategic IT investments to upgrade, expand, or replace outdated systems should be the top priorities for best-in-class manufacturers who want to increase operational speed.

As the Manufacturing environment continues to evolve, customer demands also continue to force manufacturers to add value, innovation and customization of products quickly.

Infor helps you prepare for the future of manufacturing. The flexible architecture of Infor applications gives you the versatile foundation you need to:

1) Launch New products in the market faster
2) Increase productivity by up to 40%
3) Meet OEM requirements efficiently
4) Focus on product innovations
5) Enhance customer relationships
6) Collaborate with customers & suppliers

And, no matter what the next disruptive technology is to arrive in manufacturing, your flexible ERP will be able to adapt.

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