Enterprise Software that drives your future


Is your enterprise software helping you meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities?

Automotive suppliers live in world of constant change. Cutting edge Infor Automotive solutions help you change in ways that meet your needs and your schedule. Infor’s suite of products and technologies help you stay ahead of the breakneck speed of the automotive industry.

There are many reasons 84 of the top 100 auto companies in the world use products and solutions from Infor Automotive. Here are just a few:

  • Great user experience—Customers enjoy an elegant interface and products that seamlessly link with other solutions and each other.
  • Engineered for speed—Infor products give you the agility you need to manage shorter and faster product life cycles.
  • Always a few steps ahead—Infor continually invests in development to ensure systems evolve along with needs of customers – not just meeting your needs, but helping to drive your future.

With Infor Automotive, you get a purpose-built, comprehensive suite of solutions built with your needs in mind.

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