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Solve old problems the new way- Complimentary Webinar on Infor 10x Technology solutions

What if you could find business software that was as flexible, robust, and easy to use as the personal technologies we have all come to taken for granted?

Our continued effort to provide the next- gen solutions gives us a compelling reason to engage with you again to share an opportunity to modernize your IT landscape and change the way you work.

We hence would like to invite you for an exclusive workshop on Infor's 10x technology- an enterprise-wide application release designed to create a new generation of business software. 

Register and explore more on:

  1. Infor ION: Integrate both Infor & non Infor applications with minimal efforts.
  2. Infor Analytics:  Get software that talks back to you.
  3. Infor Ming.le: Social Media at work.
  4. Infor Motion: Now out of office doesn't mean out of touch.

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