Top 10 Reasons to Trade Up to the
ALL NEW Infor Fashion PLM


Get the facts.

With the speed and complexity of today’s fashion business, companies have no choice but to improve the ways they handle sourcing, design, merchandising, compliance issues, and operations at every phase of the business. Today’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are rapidly becoming essential tools for balancing the conflict between customer tastes and efficient, responsive operations.

There’s virtually no way to compete at the top levels of today’s fashion business without a well-developed and fully supported product lifecycle management process.

With Infor and Lawson’s years of experience and our strengths in fashion micro vertical solution development, we have focused on the pains in today and tomorrows’ fashion industry, and have developed a brand new Infor Fashion PLM solution with advanced tools for faster working, more flexibility, and a superior user experience.

With Infor’s new Infor Fashion PLM we are offering you 10 reasons to trade up to our new solution. Must know topics cover:

  1. Infor’s R&D investment
  2. The latest technology
  3. Collaboration
  4. Superior user adoption
  5. Much easier to use. Actually fun
  6. Plan and develop more intuitively 
  7. Critical path tracking with dashboards and rollup
  8. Reporting built in
  9. Infor 10x ION integration capability
  10. Trade up Incentives

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