Meet CloudSuite Fashion

Reexamining IT infrastructure


Unshackle legacy systems by turning to the cloud.

The cost savings that come with cloud solutions are gaining the attention of working capital intensive fashion companies. The industry is in the midst of change, driven by new consumer buying behaviors, social media, and omni-channel, as well as an emphasis on global inventory visibility, shortening time to the consumer, and greater agility to respond to change.

In every era of innovation, disruptive technologies have had their disbelievers who resisted adopting new concepts. We can call them skeptics, but their frustrated colleagues are more likely to consider them roadblocks.

In our report Unshackle legacy systems by turning to the cloud we highlight some of the real advantages business can gain by moving to a cloud deployment.

Highlights such as:

  • Fashion industry slow to adopt IT innovation
  • Infrastructure upheaval
  • New fashion cloud strategies
  • Advantages of cloud deployment for fashion

Infor CloudSuite™ Fashion helps fashion companies, whether they’re textile manufacturers, apparel  or footwear manufacturers, brand owners, or private brand retailers we’ll show you how to:

  • Uncover new revenue streams
  • Adapt to new business models
  • Streamline core processes
  • Support business growth
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Increase innovation

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