A Fashion CIO Perspective

6 ways to know you’re choosing the right fashion ERP solution


Like the pounding of finishing machines in an apparel manufacturing plant, your business software systems also create a lot of noise. But, it’s a different type of disruption. Your business processes create data—an informational noise—that can drown out the actual functions of your day-to-day workflows.

One mistake many companies can make when they are selecting a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is to find a system that replicates their current environment—and all of its noise. Instead, you need a system that streamlines your processes into something quieter.

In this industry perspective written with the CIO top of mind you’ll be challenged to consider:

  1. Is your ERP vendor committed to product development?
  2. Does the vendor provide the option to host your ERP in the cloud?
  3. Do you need one single source of the truth?
  4. Will you have the openness and scalability you need to grow your business?
  5. Will you get actual flexibility or just bells and whistles?
  6. Does the vendor offer industry-specific, preconfigured solutions to get you up and running quickly?

We’ll then provide some insights into what to do when you’re ready.

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