Apparel Gartner PLM for Fashion 2016

Takes a fresh look at PLM technology

An Apparel research study & analysis

Apparel magazine and Gartner’s 11th annual survey of the apparel industry’s adoption and use of PLM shows the industry planning smaller investments in PLM technology, but investments that they would like to make in the next 12 months to drive PLM process standardization, faster time-to-market, and improved quality compliance.

The companies making these investments want to see positive ROI within 18 months of go-live. Increased ‘virtual’ centralization and standardization of product design and development activities coupled with benefits from increasingly shared visibility are the preferred levers that PLM technology must help apparel companies pull to get the desired benefits in that timeframe.

This year, 47 percent of survey respondents were manufacturers; 32 percent were vertically-integrated companies that design and sell apparel and other products directly to consumers through their own retail channels; and 15 percent were retailers that sell branded apparel merchandise or a blend of branded and private-label merchandise. Of the 46 companies that indicated an annual revenue range, 9 percent had annual sales of more than $5 billion, 20 percent had annual sales of $1 billion to $5 billion, 37 percent had sales revenues of $100 million to $1 billion, and 34 percent had sales revenues of $100 million or less.

In this report you learn about the top 3 trends that are re-shaping PLM in Apparel 

  • Unlocking additional value from PLM capabilities already in place.
  • Developing a bimodal PLM strategy that enables innovation in a cost-optimized manner.
  • Linking the value of PLM directly to consumers’ in-store and cross-channel experiences.

Authors: This 10-page report was prepared by Janet Suleski, Research Director, Supply Chain & Apparel, Gartner, and Anna Toncheva, Researcher, RDA Team, Gartner

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