Asset Performance Management

How smart companies manage the reliability of their assets

Aligning the Goals of CFO and Maintenance Managers: Get the report

With the financial meltdown and the uncertainty surrounding economic recovery, CFOs are compelled to make difficult decisions related to internal budgets. Aberdeen Group surveyed 139 executives in October 2009 to understand their asset management programs. The resulting report highlights how best-in-class companies are able to manage the reliability of their assets in this environment by effectively executing an asset performance management (APM) strategy, resulting in higher operational and financial performance.

In this Aberdeen report, find out answers to:

  • How has the current economic downturn impacted organizations’ asset management plans?
  • What are the top goals of the CFO for the next year, and how will those goals impact the maintenance and the operations groups?
  • As companies mature from scheduled maintenance practices to predictive asset management, what business capabilities and technologies are critical to enable that transformation?
  • How do sustainability goals, specifically around energy and emissions management, impact asset-intensive companies and what are the strategies needed to achieve those goals?



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