User Groups

We are delighted to inform you that the following Infor User Groups will be represented at Infor on the Road 2013 and organising meetings alongside it :

The following User Groups will take place alongside the Infor on the Road 2013 events;

SyteLine User Group Meeting

Date: 9th October
Venue:  MacDonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

SyteLine Users UK is an independent, not for profit membership organisation, bringing together users of SyteLine across the UK and Europe.  Its role is to provide events throughout the year to inform and educate its members about SyteLine. These events provide an opportunity to network, share knowledge, participate and ultimately provide feedback to Infor to help improve the services provided by the SyteLine products. 

This year, the SyteLine Users UK Autumn conference is being held in partnership with the Baan LN Users group and is timed to coincide with the Infor on the Road event, so why not join us at the historic Macdonald Burlington Hotel on October 9th to find out more?


Baan LN User Group Meeting

Date: 9th October
Venue: MacDonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

The Baan LN UK & Ireland User Group was established in 1998 as an independent, self-funding organisation. We organise events throughout the year to educate members in the use of Baan and LN, share knowledge, network and maintain a two way liaison with Infor to influence product support and development.

This year the Baan LN Autumn Conference is being held in partnership with SyteLine User group at the Macdonald Burlington hotel in Birmingham on the 9th October and is timed to coincide with the Infor on the Road event.


Infor Asset Management User Group Meeting

Date: 11th October
Venue: Infor Blythe Valley offices
Time: From 09:30am to 4:30pm.

The objective is to set up the UK Infor EAM user group by gathering all our valued customers and sharing their knowledge and experience.  This combined knowledge will increase your user experience and become the voice of our UK Infor EAM customers to provide feedback to our Product Development team.

Whether you and your organisation use Infor EAM, Infor MP2 or Datastream, this event has been designed for you. Register today clicking here.

User Group Asset Management registration can be accessed here.

MUA, the M3 User Association

MUA, the M3 User Association, is an independent, non-profit organisation which is formed to encourage information exchange between its members and to look after the interest of its members with regard to the benefits provided by their association with the usage of Infor M3 (Movex). The MUA is a founding member of the Global Association of M3 User Group (written as GAM3, but said as "game"), which is the umbrella organisation of all M3 user groups around the world.

On 21st & 22nd October 2013, the MUA is holding its annual conference at the prestigious St George's Park, Burton upon Trent, which is the FA's (Football Association) new headquarters. This two day event is packed with presentations, including Customer Case Studies, and demonstrations of Infor 10X (M3 13.1). This event is free of charge to attend for customers and registration is here.