Analyst Validation

Read below to hear what the analyst community has to say about Infor 10x.

"Constellation recommends that:

— R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc.

"Finally, we can have a new, different image of Infor. For two years, the company has been quietly re-tooling all of its product lines. They've re-thought cloud, user interface and more to create a series of micro-vertical solutions. It's definitely a different Infor now. While the re-tooling isn't finished, the company has made enough significant progress that it is now opening up to analysts, customers and prospects. It is sharing its latest works and some of it is pretty clever."

—Enterprise Irregulars "Re-booting Infor in 2013," Brian Sommer, February 25, 2013

"There's never enough solid competition in the enterprise software market, and it's been tempting to see the top tier of the market as a three-horse race, with SAP and Oracle the dominant players, and Microsoft, in the form of Dynamics AX, moving fast to catch up, particularly in the large enterprise. It's looking like that's about to change.

"A little over two years ago, the ERP roll-up king, Infor, brought on board a new management team, headed by former Oracle co-president Charles Phillips, and the prospect of another horse in the race started looking pretty good. And based on a half-day meeting last week with industry analysts at Infor's stylish New York headquarters, the top end of the enterprise software field just grew another four legs and a tail."

—Enterprise Applications Consulting "Infor the Innovator: Is There Room for Another Horse in the Race?," Joshua Greenbaum, February 21, 2013