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Value Engineering (VE) is a global team of more than 40 seasoned management consultants and solution architects. Our goal is to quantify the benefits you'll realize by upgrading or migrating your solution and build a clear roadmap for achieving them. We help you understand your current state, where you want to go, and how Infor can help you get there.

To support your upgrade, we can conduct::

  • Benchmarking: VE will benchmark your current use of Infor ERP vs. best-in-class deployments
  • Opportunity analysis: VE will work with your business and IT leaders to conduct a process review and identify value opportunities to be gained by upgrading to Infor 10x across the enterprise
  • Benefits analysis: VE will identify and quantify various sources of untapped business value

The result is a clear business case for modernizing your solution.

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Infor Value Engineering


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