Customer Quotes

Read below to hear what some of Infor's customers are saying about Infor 10x.

 "The lightweight, easy to install and configure Infor ION produced a quick return on investment; ION ensures that our applications operate together seamlessly to execute business processes."

—John Vaughan, PRIDE Industries

"Infor ION was very easy to implement and maintain. Sometimes I forget about it and then get worried that I've missed something, but when I go check it, it's just doing its thing."

—Dale Brittan, Brewster Dairy

"As I'm reviewing ION, I have a thousand ideas going through my head on ways that we could possibly make use of  ION to leverage the data inside our applications - how can we get all that data to basically flow together to make all of our jobs easier in the whole business environment."

—Mike Johnson, Caldrea Company

"If you don't have a tool like ION in your organization, you're limiting what you can buy and the cost you'll spend to develop interfaces between systems.  We don't want to turn away a $20 million a year contract because we can't handle the 'X' amount of documents or that we can't interface to the customer's system.  So this gives us that tool in the toolbox to say, 'Yeah, we can do it!'  and the technology to do it."

—Kendal Phipps, PRIDE Industries

"One of our biggest challenges was connecting our processes to deliver information to make informed decisions with correct and up to date information. Integration is a key part of our system functionality and using ION to integrate our processes and Mongoose to build scalable applications quickly and securely gives us the ability to make changes quickly and know that our processes are working to give us information when we need it. ION and Mongoose ensure that our applications operate together seamlessly to execute our business processes. The addition of Ming.le™ to tie the ION and Mongoose processes together provides a cohesive platform for exceptional decision making."

—Luke Rains, Preferred Sands