Bridging channels strengthens customer relationships

1-to-1 executive dialogue

Deliver Relevant Customer Experiences that Boost Credibility, Loyalty, and Business Performance

In today's business world, you manage customer relationships with many different and ever-changing communication channels. You need to realize that customers are the only constant across these channels, and that their experiences—no matter the outlet—must be consistent. 

Every customer interaction presents multiple opportunities to improve your business, so a disjointed and impersonal communication experience can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and churn—all of which can negatively impact business performance.  You need to be able to react quickly, intelligently, and personally to every customer interaction every time and across every channel.  

In this 1-to-1 executive dialogue—led by industry experts Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and George Wright, Infor's senior vice president and general manager of CRM—find out how you can improve your company's credibility and earn your customers' trust. Not only will you improve customer loyalty, you'll enhance your customers' lifetime value through successful multichannel customer relationship management.

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